AuthenticID is solving the biggest business issue in the world today: Fraud.

Fraud losses are skyrocketing for companies because the old model of verifying identity (“something you know”) isn’t working with so many data breaches, hacks, dark web data sales and sophisticated fake ID creation.

AuthenticID uses a next-generation model of verifying identity based on combining a government-issued ID (“something you have”) with biometric data of face/voice/fingerprint (“something you are”). Our solution provides identity verification in seconds using a mobile phone and is able to defeat most fraud attempts using advanced AI capabilities.

With many new Fortune 500 clients, AuthenticID is going through a rapid growth phase and needs people who understand this type of scaling and bring a passion to help solve big problems that affect millions daily.

"Okay?" You might be asking. It's great to talk about the business of privacy, but... what exactly are these solutions you're building? …We can’t tell you quite yet.

Our job is to keep our work out of the wrong hands. But more than that, we need people on our team who believe in the mission to safeguard privacy amidst 21st century interactions. It’s more than a job, it’s a movement on the frontlines of privacy and commerce affecting tens of millions every year.


The Computer Vision Research Manager reports to the Director of Research and will be project manager, scientific lead, technical lead and direct contributor to R&D’s transformative research initiatives. This role manages high-caliber research personnel in computer vision, image processing, feature engineering, deep learning, generative simulation, mobile device capture, AutoML, statistics/decisioning, debiasing, explainable AI, cognitive modeling and AI/ML modernization. This role also works closely with the ML Engineering Manager and Lead Data Scientist to ensure alignment amongst R&D teams.

This role will leverage experience in cutting edge artificial intelligence research, be an exemplar of professional respect, discipline and empowerment, champion best practices in experiment design, standardize intuitive visual reporting, implement issue ticketing, lead algorithmic architecture improvements, maintain coding standards and source control guidelines, define classification taxonomies, implement artifact management, design and implementation reviews and promote all other beneficial behaviors for a world-class research organization.

Top 3 key outcomes in the first year include:

1) Manage Researchers – Coordinate daily research and modernization activities aligned with a multi-disciplinary strategic roadmap. Enable creative and measurable innovation within a flexible yet structured framework. Improve level of effort and time estimation for all researchers and activities. Monitor KPIs.

2) Create – Collaborate with R&D leadership. Apply commercial software engineering experience to AI/ML solutions. Stay current with trending tools and techniques (on the Kaggle site, for example). Survey, refine and recommend state-of-the-art research works and conference materials. Propose, plan and execute experiments and other projects. Make the impossible possible.

3) Coordinate – Sync with colleagues in MLOps & Governance and Data Science teams, maintain open channels and cooperation with stakeholders outside of R&D, standardize progress and accuracy reporting using select tools with members of the research team - ensuring quality, repeatability and transparency.


● Track record of success as a Project Manager and as a Lead Researcher

● Must be an accomplished researcher in the field of Computer Vision

● Direct contributor to cutting edge research (major computer vision conference, major commercial research program, something featured on Two Minute Papers)

● $100M and upward company scale up experience

● Knowledge of mobile device hardware (image sensor module, chipsets, secure execution environment, etc)

● AuthenticID company values and culture fit

● Ph.D. in related field, preferably from a “top research university” with accolades in disciplines related to this position or 15+ years cutting-edge AI research


● Mathematics, Biometrics, Cryptography, Information Theory

● Design and implementation of transformers, attention mechanisms, deep learning, generative adversarial architectures, neural architecture search, computer vision, image processing, mobile platform, including but not limited to image classification, object detection, object tracking, segmentation, OCR

● AWS - EC2 (2+ years required), Sagemaker (desirable), Lambda, S3 etc. (nice)

● Python (5+ years required), C++ (desirable)

LOCATION: 100% Remote in the United States or Atlanta, Georgia