AuthenticID is solving the biggest business issue in the world today: Fraud.

Fraud losses are skyrocketing for companies because the old model of verifying identity (“something you know”) isn’t working with so many data breaches, hacks, dark web data sales and sophisticated fake ID creation.

AuthenticID uses a next-generation model of verifying identity based on combining a government-issued ID (“something you have”) with biometric data of face/voice/fingerprint (“something you are”). Our solution provides identity verification in seconds using a mobile phone and is able to defeat most fraud attempts using advanced AI capabilities.

With many new Fortune 500 clients, AuthenticID is going through a rapid growth phase and needs people who understand this type of scaling and bring a passion to help solve big problems that affect millions daily.

"Okay?" You might be asking. It's great to talk about the business of privacy, but... what exactly are these solutions you're building? …We can’t tell you quite yet.

Our job is to keep our work out of the wrong hands. But more than that, we need people on our team who believe in the mission to safeguard privacy amidst 21st century interactions. It’s more than a job, it’s a movement on the frontlines of privacy and commerce affecting tens of millions every year.


Lead AI/ML Modernization Specialist will report to the Research Manager as a technical lead and direct contributor to R&D’s transformation initiative. This role applies deep experience in world-class commercial software design including the most practical field-proven design patterns and best practices to a growing deployed computer vision codebase in alignment with the company’s strategic vision.

This role is a veteran senior lead software engineer with outstanding Python experience built on top of a C++ foundation and the nuanced implications of threaded real-time image processing and computer vision, multi-sensor data streams and large machine learning models in mind. Algorithm targets include ec2/docker, Sagemaker/docker, Sagemaker native, AWS lambda, mobile web sdk and mobile native environments.

Top 3 key outcomes in the first year include:

  1. Lead – Demonstrate and mentor in the exercise of best practices for multi-platform commercial software design. Conduct reviews of algorithm design from a patterns perspective, conduct implementation reviews, propagate good coding hygiene, metrics and all other habits befitting world-class SaaS.
  2. Modernize – Exemplify task ticketing, timeboxing and visual and written planning and documentation behaviors. Partner with research scientists over algorithmic components and refactor for reusability and flexibility. Implement algorithmic integrity tests, unit tests, and prepare codebase for MLOps’ engineers.
  3. Support – Install and update packages, build Docker containers, apply AWS Sagemaker reference architecture, monitor data generation and training jobs on ec2 instances and in Sagemaker.


  • Track record of success as a Sr. Lead Software Engineer
  • Cloud proficient - sharding, microservices, containerization etc.
  • $100M and upward company scale up experience
  • AuthenticID company values and culture fit
  • Background check and drug screen required


  • 15+ years commercial software development
  • Python (5+ years)
  • C++ (8+ years)
  • Data: 3+ years SQLite/MySQL and MongoDB
  • Cloud: 3+ years AWS EC2 and S3, 1+ years Sagemaker and Lambda


  • Competitive salary and option grants
  • Flexible hours and recovery days
  • Medical & Dental Insurance, and Life
  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience taking a startup into scale mode, working directly with experienced founders and a diverse, fun-loving and hardworking team

LOCATION: Seattle, WA region or United States Remote

AuthenticID is an equal-opportunity employer and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. If you're passionate about consumer identity privacy and a team player who wants to join a growing diverse and dynamic team, we look forward to hearing from you!